Canadian Railway Communications Insulators

Canadian Railway Communications Insulators 1880-1920

by Mark LaucknerView Icon Profile

250+ pages, 8 1/2" x 11" (1995)
ISBN 0-96988 15-1-7

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A study and inventory of Canadian railway insulators known to exist.

"Railway telegraph lines were very much a part of the Canadian landscape. As these lines are being replaced with microwave and fiber optics, an important component of our railway history is being lost. Canadian railway communications insulators are now even more important as historical artifacts, making possible the vital communications that 100 years later we now take for granted."

Printed on high quality bright paper. Several formats available including spiral bound, hardbound and a set of raw pages for easy update insertions.

See also Canadian Railway Telegraph History by Robert Burnet . 250 pages of Canadian railway telegraph history, including over 150 historic photographs, telegrams, illustrations and charts. A must for Canadian railway and telegraph enthusiasts!

1998 Price Guide

1998 Value Guide

by Mark LaucknerView Icon Profile

13+ pages, 8 1/2" x 11" (1998)

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The Rarity and Value Guide for Canadian Railway Communications Insulators 1880-1920.

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