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Browser tips for viewing at 1024 x 768

When viewing these photographs at 1024 x 768 resolution, you want to maximize your viewing area. You should first maximize your browser window by clicking on that little icon in the upper right of your browser window.

If you are running Netscape, you need to reduce the vertical space that all the buttons take up. I always run with the following options turned off, and you will probably want to turn these off when viewing these large images. Under the "Options" menu, you want to uncheck

These settings will not be permanently saved unless you also select "Save Options" from this menu as well. Here is why I feel these options aren't needed, and just take up vertical space:

Show Toolbar
I rarely use any of these buttons except Back and Forward. There is an even quicker shortcut to those options! Just right-click anywhere in the browser window, and you will get a popup menu with choices of Back and Forward. I find this is faster, even if the buttons are present, because you don't have to move your mouse! The other buttons get you to less frequently used options, which are always available under either the Edit, View, or Go items on the main menu bar.
Show Directory Buttons
Really now, when was the last time you used these crazy things? If you really need them, they are also under the Directory item on the main menu bar.

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Last updated Monday, April 15, 1996