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This section contains little "tidbits" of information shared by people on ICON. Why don't you add something yourself? Just click on the "edit" tab above, and start your tidbit! It will probably ask you to login in. Follow the instructions on ICON.

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Let's see what information we can build up here!


This is the first tidbit. The tidbit is that we have a place for tidbits!

Most collectors refer to CD 187 and CD 188s as mine insulators. They were really Duplex Insulators used with a double threaded pin. The Browns Pony was installed on the bottom thread; a regular insulator held the top thread position. J White - Indianapolis, IN

CREB beehives come with the following shop numbers (letters) on their crowns: 00, 1, 2, 3, ..., 22, 23, A, and B. There are some double number pieces (one number vertically higher on the dome than another): 16/15, 16/15, 19/15, 19/16, 19/17 (the 19 is disoriented). Some odd pieces exist with numbers (and/or letters) on both crowns: 11&4, 11&14, 12&A, 13&4 (some look to be an 18&4), 14&4. L. Brewer - Chambersburg, PA

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