A Brookfield Color Timeline

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The following is intended to be a documentation and hopefully eventually an agreement on differing colors produced by Brookfield in the 1900-1921 time frame. Hard documentation is limited, but various clues exist which we hope to use to reach a consensus on a color timeline.

Note that this is a continuation of an earlier discussion recorded as The Big Unsolicited Brookfield Question.



  • Light Aqua
  • Transition Colors
  • Dark Aqua
  • Greens
  • Blues

Some Established Facts

  • Insulator production shifted from Brooklyn to Old Bridge in 1906. Insulator production was the first moved to the new plant[1].
    • Last Brooklyn burn was September 1905 - June 1906 (NOTE: this was for insulators only. The plant continued operating for the production of other glassware, with the overall last burn date being September 1911-June 1912.[2])
    • First Old Bridge burn was September 1906 - June 1907
  • Sharp Drip Points were first advertised on Brookfield insulators in 1909. It seems likely that they first appeared on actual insulators in late 1909 or early 1910.



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