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== Interesting Discussions == == Interesting Discussions ==
* [[First Threaded Insulator]] * [[First Threaded Insulator]]
-* [[Gray & Hemingray Insulators]]+* [[Gray & Hemingray Insulators (ICON) | Gray & Hemingray Insulators]]
* [[Shape Pairs]] * [[Shape Pairs]]
* [[History of the CD 155 KERR DP1 Cobalt Splotch]] * [[History of the CD 155 KERR DP1 Cobalt Splotch]]

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Insulator Tidbits

This section contains little "tidbits" of information shared by people on ICON. Why don't you add something yourself? Just click on the link below:

Insulator of the Week (IOTW)

On December 26, 2007, Dwayne Anthony sent a note to ICON asking about the idea an "Insulator of the Week" topic on ICON. A "Topic-master" would post a short introduction on a different, randomly selected, CD style each week. The chosen CD style would then be open for general discussion by all ICONers, with encouragement to contribute general comments, informational data, research, patent info, etc., plus post photos of favorites from your collection. Here is the result:

CD information

Company Histories

Primary Embossings

Trade Journals

Insulator Studies

Interesting Discussions


We have 43 articles and 22 images on server as of October 18, 2018.

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