Mid-Ohio (Springfield) Insulator Show
Name tag request

Mr. Hemingray
Muncie, IN

Actual size: 4" x 2"

The name tags are a standard size with a pin back.. Please specify your first and last name on the first line and the city and TWO letter state abbreviation on the second line.

If there are multiple people in your party, please make separate name tags!

If you are a dealer or a displayer you do not need to request a name tag. We already have you on the list.Thanks.

You can preview your own name tag. There will be additional graphics on the final name tag. Be sure and use proper capitalization!! Just input the two lines and click "Preview".

Be sure to click "Submit" when you have completed making your name tag. Otherwise we will not receive it.

Line 1:
Line 2:

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Last updated Sunday, November 10, 2019