Insulator Art - Original Oil Paintings
Mike Tucker, Cherokee, Iowa

Insulator Art - Original Oil Paintings - Mike Tucker, Cherokee, Iowa

Lost Road to Russia - A forgotten set of wagon tracks winds its way through the British Columbia wilderness. This telegraph endeavor (from 1865-1866) once teemed with workers. Now traversed by an occasional black bear, an amber 735 Tillotson hat guards this stretch of the Collins Line Trail.

O'Reilly's Dream - During the late 1840's-1850's, Henry O'Reilly had a dream of linking a nation by means of the telegraph line. This CD 1000 glass block is hidden away in a wooded area in the eastern United States, overlooking a lush and fertile valley.

Last Ride to Sacramento - Sunset nears on the desolate Nevada landscape. The installation of the transcontinental telegraph line has sealed the fate of this Pony Express rider and brings this short-lived enterprise to its end.

Don't Tread on Me (or my Biddle) - Inhabiting "Biddle Country" is the infamous prairie rattler. Here lies, on the Wyoming desert ground, a dark aqua jewel. Free for the taking?

Pick of the Litter - Imagine yourself hinting for insulators along a South Dakota railroad, and this is your next pole. Though these CD 145, orange amber, H.G. beehives were found mainly in Washington state, Montana and Idaho, occasionally they turned up in South Dakota. A rare find!

Feathered Lineman - Somewhere between Lookout and Wamsutter, a Golden Eagle scans the Wyoming landscape, perched amidst two cobalt Mulfords. As seen on the back cover of the 1993 Crown Jewels of the Wire directory issue.

Nick of Time - Trains and telegraphs go hand in hand, but this native of the western U.S., the prong horn antelope, doesn't feel a kinship.

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