HEMINGRAY (part 3)
Bob Stahr, St. John, Indiana

HEMINGRAY (part 3) - Bob Stahr, St. John, Indiana

Bottles: "Hemingray was one of the Midwest's largest bottle manufacturers from the 1850's through the turn of the century. Slowed by Hemingray's focus on insulator production at the turn of the century, production of bottles began once again in 1925 with the increased efficiency of insulator production. Hemingray's 1920's and 1930's bottle production was typically ice blue and 7-up green colored glass, amber is uncommon."

Refrigerator Bottles: "Made during the 1920's and 1930's, refrigerator water bottles produced by Hemingray are works of art. Numerous highly detailed designs, three sizes and three colors make for an interesting collection themselves. Amber water bottles and pint-sized bottles are rare."

Large Bottles: "Hemingray produced a variety of larger bottles during the 1920's and 1930's. Kerosene bottles for cook stoves were produced by them for the Cleveland Metal Products Co., White House vinegar bottles in ice blue, and unmarked gallon jugs were also made at this time."

Glass Block: "When Owen-Illinois brought Hemingray in 1933, bottle production was shifted from Hemingray to other Owen-Illinois plants. It was apparent that Owens-Illinois had other production plans for the factory. In 1933, Owens-Illinois constructed a building completely out of glass window block at the Worlds Fair in Chicago, and in April 1935 the production of this glass block was shifted to the Hemingray factory in Muncie. Glass blocks made in 1935 are easy to spot because of their ice blue color."

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