Porcelain Insulator - U-503

U-503's Along the Street

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4 yellow U-503's on a pole At the left, four yellow U-503's on a pole.
At the right, a pole with three yellow U-503's and two brown U-502 Westinghouse. Note the broken conductor on the left, and the poor splicing job on the wire! 3 yellow U-503's and 2 brown U-502's on a pole

The yellow U-503's in these pictures are on old street lighting lines operated by the City of Sioux Falls, SD. They had also used a few yellow U-503's on their old 2400V lines, but all those lines have since been upgraded or dismantled.

The yellow U-503s are just one of the many types of insulators used over the years by the City of Sioux Falls, SD.

You can read my story about The Yellow U-503 Cache for more information.

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Written Tuesday, March 11, 1997