Wambold's Barn Destroyed

We were just notified that the barn of Claude and Arlene Wambold, of Perkiomenville, PA, was totally destroyed by fire this weekend (3/24/96). The barn housed Claude's entire sales stock, consisting of insulators, milk bottles, and other antiques. His woodworking shop, current works in progress, and woodworking tools were also lost. Only a small number of insulators managed to escape breakage from the heat, and were salvaged. Luckily, his personal collection was not stored in the barn, and was not affected by the fire.

The Wambolds have been in the insulator hobby for many years. Claude is the Executive Director of the National Insulator Association, and has been a co-host for many N.I.A. Eastern Regional and local shows. He and Arlene also host an annual get-together at their home each year for collectors. If you would like to send words of support and encouragement, their address is:

Claude & Arlene Wambold
1837 Perkiomenville Road
Perkiomenville, PA 18074

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Written Wednesday, March 27, 1996