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Can you imagine picking up the January 3, 1997 edition of The Leader, Corning New York's local paper and seeing a full color picture of one the pages from this web site on the front page? Yes!

The paper was doing a story on people's home pages on the Internet, and they just happened to find a web page from a young insulator collector who lived in Corning, NY. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Local folks take on the world with web sites
Collectors of glass insulators, like other hobbyist groups, have set up their own web pages to communicate with each other and display their wares.

Ashleigh Nychole Higgins, a 10 year-old from Corning, is a collector, and with her uncle, Greg HaferView Icon Profile , maintains a page at

"I put my science fair project on there and have a place for other collectors to send me e-mail", she said.

The project has paid off. A collector from Germany saw the page, she said, and sent her two prized insulators as a gift.

The last three paragraphs above appeared under a picture of a monitor displaying her home page. For those people dying to know, it was a Sony Multiscan monitor, running Netscape for the Mac.

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Written Wednesday, January 22, 1997