CD 201 H.G.CO. Found at an Auction

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Last weekend I found two cool pieces at an auction. We pulled up into the auction, kind of looked around and saw some boxes of insulators. I thought there would probably be something in there I would want to bid on. I went and got a bidders number. I looked more thoroughly at the insulators. First I saw a CD 723.3 in a blue aqua I thought, even though it isn't a Hemingray, I will bid on it. Then I saw a CD 201 H.G.Co. !!!!! I knew it was a good insulator because I had seen it on the web page.

CD 201 H.G.CO. Smooth Base!After 3 hours for them to get to the insulators, they started the bidding on the lot with the H.G.Co. in it. They asked for an opening bid on choice, and I said "5 dollars". No one else bid, so I got it! Then up comes the threadless. I got that for 5 dollars also, because no one else knew what it was. My legs were so weak, I barely made it over to the trailer to pay and went home! The H.G.Co. is a perfect addition to my Hemingray collection.

When we got home, the first thing I did was look at the price guide. I about fell over when I saw what the price guide said for the CD 201, $2,000-$2,500. On the Wade it was around $350. I asked around to some fellow Hemingray collectors, they said there is probably less than a half of a dozen of these CD 201's. They said on today's market it is worth between $3,500-$4,000. By the way, it is also a color not listed, it is a light aqua! It will be at the London Show!

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Written Sunday, November 2, 1997; updated Thursday, January 1, 1998