CD 241 found in White Opalescent Glass

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CD 241 LOCKE in White Opalescent GlassA CD 241 Locke has been recently found in White Opalescent glass. The previous owner of the piece says it was removed from the Fry Glass Company's samples room "about forty years ago by my father." It is believed to be one of a kind.

The insulator is a CD 241 LOCKE [010] which reads:

(R-Skirt) MARCH 31, 1914 FEB 2, 1915/OCT. 12, 1915
{Embossing is upside down}

The upside down embossing can be seen in the photograph.

The piece is currently owned by Bill and Jill Meier.

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Written Tuesday, August 5, 1997; updated Thursday, January 15, 1998