New CD 124.1 Assignment

Reporter: Bill Meier

CD 104 and CD 124.1

At the recent 2001 Mid-Ohio show we had a special person attending -- Mr. N. R. Woodward, father of the CD numbering system. A number of people, including Carol McDougald and myself, knew he was coming. I have always been bothered with the assignment of CD 104 to the Hemingray 1871 Number 4 style. I suspected Mr. Woodward may not have seen this variant in person when he made the assignment.

I decided to bring a set of five insulators to show to Mr. Woodward. They were a "regular" CD 104 (shown on the left), this Hemingray 1871 "variant CD 104" (shown on the right), and the three other Hemingray 1871 Number 4 styles, CD 124, 124.2 and 124.3. Independently, Carol decided to bring a "variant CD 104" and a CD 124.2.

Carol, arriving before me, showed her insulators to Mr. Woodward. He did agree that the "variant CD 104" Hemingray 1871 style probably should be assigned something in the CD 124.n range, but he would have to check his reference material at home, and decide on the exact CD number.

When I arrived, Carol contacted me and said "I brought something for 'Woody' to see, and I think we may have gotten a new CD number!" At this time, I knew nothing about what Carol had brought. I replied back to Carol that I too had brought something that I thought might get a new CD. I showed her my set of insulators, including the Hemingray 1871 "variant CD 104" of course.

We had the greatest laugh together. We had both independently brought the same insulator to show to Mr. Woodward!! Can you say "Great minds think alike!" :-)

When Mr. Woodward returned home and reviewed his drawings, he assigned this CD 104 variant a new CD number -- CD 124.1. Now, CD 124, 124.1, 124.2 and 124.3 are all the early versions of the Hemingray 1871 Number 4 style.

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Written Friday, December 7, 2001