Pin Maker to Shut Down

Reporter: Erick Seager

Thought I would drop you a line to inform you of bad news. Within the next 3-4 months May & Bigley will shut down for good. Since we are, as far as I know, the only company still making pins and brackets I thought you may want to buy some stock for the last time.

There are just not enough orders to keep the bills paid. We are still in the black right now, but just barely. My wife and I are buying a beer distributorship and after renovating the "pin mill", we will move into our new home.

Our major demise was a change of laws in California. Previously California had a law that stated only hardwood could be used for ground wire moulding. Now they changed that law to allow softwoods to be used. Therefore they turned to the pine forests of the west coast and left us high and dry.

If you could pass this information on I would appreciate it. And please, if you want any pins and brackets please let me know ASAP, we only plan to cut the logs that we have left, which is only about one hundred. We will make up our most popular products (8" & 9" pins and 2 sizes of brackets) and when they are gone, they are gone...

Sincerely yours,

Erick Seager
May & Bigley
Bedford, PA
(814) 623-9414, ask for Ed or myself

[For more information about May & Bigley you can read this account of A Visit to an Insulator Pin Maker.]

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Written Tuesday, July 7, 1998