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Power Line Explorer Journal is a forum for those interested in early power transmission lines, power plants and the insulators they used. I publish this journal to encourage those actually out researching and hunting early lines to document their finds, regardless of how small. Without documenting your finds the history of many insulators, which only you may know, is lost forever. Each issue of Power Line Explorer Journal contains several detailed articles on searches of early power transmission lines, hydroelectric plants, old substations, mines, dumpsites and anyplace else insulators were used. Additionally, articles documenting historical research from enthusiasts around the country on insulators and early power transmission systems are also found within the pages of Power Line Explorer Journal.

Early porcelain and glass power line insulators as well as associated items such as pins, wall tubes, conductors, pole-line construction etc. are the focus of the articles. Several regular columns are also found including Flashover, a reporting place for new and interesting finds, Foreign Power and Insulators and a book review section of literature related to power and insulators. The Journal is published bi-annually and is usually 50-60 pages in length. There are no advertising sections in this magazine; the entire issue is solid articles and photos. The magazine makes a great reference source for early power insulators and in many cases, is the only source for this information. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance and broaden your knowledge of early insulators and power history, subscribe to Power Line Explorer Journal now.

If you would like to subscribe for a one year subscription send your name and address along with a check or money order made out to Ed Sewall for $6.00 to:

Ed Sewall
Dept. WWW
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Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068

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