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I "Bill Meier" would like your opinion on how to improve ICON. Your answers can be anonymous if you choose. Based on analysis of the feedback, when there is consensus on specific points, I'll will use this information try to improve ICON. This may involve sharing this information with the ICON reviewers, as well selected excerpts on the ICON mailing list.

Please don't worry about "offending me" or the ICON Reviewers, or anyone else. I'd rather have you write an honest complaint rather than none at all... If I don't know what people perceive as problems, I can't make an attempt to fix them... Don't think your comments have to all be "negative"! Positive comments, suggestions and general feedback are fine too!

All public users opinions are listed on a separate page.

I will write a personal reply that can be reviewed on the opinions page to every note that is posted publicly. And if some follow-up action is required, when that action is complete, it will be posted here as well. If you post a opinion privately, but include your name, I will probably give you a response as well.

Your opinion really does count!

The period for the initial opinion poll has expired. You can still view the results. Thanks for everyone's input.

Bill Meier

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Last updated Friday, September 21, 2007