Google Toolbar Buttons

  • Are you a "power user"? Would you like to extend the functionality of your Google Toolbar?
  • Would you like to search the web site directly from the Google Toolbar?
  • Would you like to search the names of all the ICON members directly from the Google Toolbar?

If  you answered "Yes" to any  of the questions, these tools are for you!

Installation is simple.

  1. Get and install the Google Toolbar (it needs to be the latest, so even if you have it, get this)
  2. Add the "Search the insulators web site" button
  3. Add the "Search ICON user names" button

That's it!

Enhanced Google toolbar buttons

Now, in the search field of the Google Toolbar, type in a search word or phrase you want to perform on and press the "Search" button which is Search button

Or if you want to search for the name of someone on ICON, type part of the name in the search field, and press the "Search ICON" button which is Search ICON names button

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Last updated Saturday, April 26, 2008