Other Sites on the Web

There's a host of information on the Internet and the most comprehensive source is can be found on the ICON insulator pages.   There is an international insulator association, the NIA, with a full range of services and assistance for insulator collectors.   In addition, there is a popular and highly informative monthly magazine Crown Jewels of the Wire (CJ) that is an invaluable aide for collectors.  CJ also hosts a web site where you can purchase insulators, price guides and several other valuable reference materials.  The respective links are listed below.

ICON - Insulators on the Web Insulator on the Web
NIA    The National Insulator Association
Crown Jewels of the Wire   Crown Jewels
   Canadian Insulator Forum
The Bytown Bottle Seekers Club   
have a spring show in April!  
   Heritage Perth - Chamber of Commerce