2007 Price Guide book cover

2007 Price Guide

292 pages, 6" x 9", softbound, spiral binding

The Price Guide for "Insulators - A History and Guide to North American Glass Pintype Insulators" was published in 2007.

13,000 entries are listed by CD number, embossing and color for each embossing. Each CD number has a scale drawing to assist with identification. An expected retail "price range" is given for each listing. The continuous spiral binding allows the book to lie flat for reference work. Appendices to cross reference Manufacturer style number to CD numbers, Primary Embossings to CD numbers, and insulator patent dates and the insulator Consolidated Designs (CD numbers) upon which they are embossed are also included. Also priced are battery rests, spools, miscellaneous glass insulators, commemorative insulators, private issue commemorative insulators, salesman miniature insulators and private issue miniature insulators.

New Features in the 2007 Price Guide

This edition of the Price Guide includes 13,000 embossing/color combinations, an increase of about six percent over the 2003 edition. There are 210 new CD/embossing variations, and an additional 383 embossings have been modified for clarification or correction. In addition, 49 embossings were dropped based on input from specialty collectors and the inability to reverify their existence. The following CDs have been added since the 2003 edition: 28.5, 145.5, 238.6, 245.2 and 365. These all represent new styles that have been discovered in the last four years. CD 152.2 was added as a reassignment of a CD 152 listing. CD 225 has been reassigned to CD 236, based on discussions with Mr. Woodward. CD 289.9 has been reassigned to CD 1182, based on research that determined that it is not a pintype insulator. In addition a large group of CDs were assigned in the non-pintype1xxx series, primarily to known styles that hadnít received CD assignments before. Two primary embossings were added: RUIZ (CD 106) and CTC (CD 155).

There has been a tremendous increase in the production of private issue commemorative and miniature insulators. Since many hobbyists also collect these new production items, they are also included in the guide. Russ Frank has been a tremendous resource in keeping up with this expanding part of the hobby. Thank you, Russ.

One new physical characteristic has been added to the insulator descriptions - {MLOB} which stands for Mold Line Over Base. This designation indicates that the vertical mold line on the skirt of the insulator continues across the base of the insulator to the inside edge of the base. There are two types of {MLOB}. The first occurs on the typical rounded base (RB) insulator where the two-piece mold also serves as the base plate and the mold line continues uninterrupted from the skirt to the inside edge of the base. The second type occurs on what is now designated as an SB {MLOB} insulator. This indicates that while the mold line extends to the inside edge of the base, there is also a circumferential mold line near the bottom of the skirt. We believe that this feature resulted from a mold modification. You will find this combination on several Patent Dec 19, 1871 styles and a number of other CDs and embossings. One new base style has been added - Flat Base (FB). This applies to at least one Canadian style insulator, and we suspect there will be others as this designation gains popular use.

For the first time, the price guide will include four color plates, featuring many of the colors that provide a representative sample of insulator colors.

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