The Definitive Guide to Colorful Insulators book cover

The Definitive Guide to Colorful Insulators

by Mike Bruner

224 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", hardbound (1999)

The Definitive Guide to Colorful Insulators is a brand new book that gives a colorful overview of the beauty to be found in the hobby of collecting insulators . It's 224 pages present over 750 high quality color photographs of insulators. Each photo gives a caption that gives helpful information to guide the reader through. The chapters are:

This is the first book to graphically demonstrate the hundreds of beautiful colors to be found in this wonderful hobby. Each photo gives a value. Signed by the author.

Webmaster's note: For the diehard collectors, this book does not include CD numbers, the price values are general, and specific embossings are not detailed. The book's purpose is to present hundreds of fantastic color photos highlighting the variety of beautiful colors and shapes of insulators, without getting into real technical details or showing photos of "every" insulator!

$61.00 postpaid (U.S. only)
$65.00 postpaid (Canada)
Order from:
Mike Bruner
Dept. WWW
6576 Balmoral Terrace
Clarkston, MI 48346-4504

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