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The Dream

The other night I was restless,
        and couldn't go to sleep.
So I started counting insulators,
        I don't know what happen to the sheep.

Things were going quite well,
        for a little while.
Counting Hemingrays and Californias,
        with an occasional big smile.

Everything was looking fine,
        and it was kind of fun.
Until there appeared a ruby red threadless,
        a CD 721.

Now this got my attention,
        for I knew there was no such thing.
But it was right there in front of me,
        sitting clear and plain.

So maybe it could be real,
        and might be one of a kind.
All I had to do was pick it up,
        and it would be all mine.

I reached out to grab it,
        but much to my surprise,
The pole it was sitting on
        was way too high.

It looked like I needed a ladder,
        so I headed in to town.
Knowing I didn't dare tell anyone,
        about what I had just found.

As I hurried back to the pole,
        noticing the setting sun,
Was when I first saw the kid,
        with the Red Ryder BB gun.

He slowly raised the barrel,
        and took careful aim
At my beautiful red insulator,
        and I felt a great pain.

In my horror I started to run,
        and tried to shout.
But no matter what I did,
        nothing came out!

Now I had to stop him,
        before he got off a shot.
Can you believe my luck?
        I tripped over a rock.

As I went crashing down,
        all I could see
Was the kid with the BB gun,
        laughing at me.

It was then that my wife
        shook me awake.
She let me know that
        she was really irate.

She told me the next time I was restless,
        And couldn't go to sleep
I'd better forget the insulators,
        And stick to counting sheep!

By: Dale Rose,
       Harvard, ID

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