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An Insulator Collector's Worst Nightmare

By Rob Gilkerson

On the way to Yellowstone during the Fall of 2002 I spent a day in southern Wyoming looking for insulators that workmen have left on the ground when they took down the old communication lines. During this search, I spotted all the right signs, an abandoned road along which I found the occasional pole, cross arms laying on the ground, and stray insulators. All good signs that a cache might be near. However, after driving nearly three miles down this 4-wheel-drive path in my two-wheel drive pickup I came upon this heart breaking scene.

An Insulator Collector's Worst Nightmare

Workman had used the crossbars with the insulators still attached as firewood for a huge bon-fire, leaving nothing but broken and melted shards of glass several inches deep. Clearly visible are broken CD 145 H.G.CO./Petticoat Beehives in various shades of green. Additionally, I believe that this section of the line was still in use less than ten years ago.

Reprinted with permission from "Insulators - Crown Jewels of the Wire", February 2003, page 39.

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Last updated Monday, March 3, 2003