M-3721 with pin base

1904 - Southern CA
Reaches North

In 1904, the Kern River Co. built the 13,000 horsepower Borel plant on the Kern River and shipped the power 127 miles to Los Angeles. The line ran at 60kV. Fred Locke had tried to convince the company to use the M-3725 that had proven successful on the Guanajuato project a year earlier. The company believed that the only way to prevent leakage and burned poles was to wipe each insulator by hand every year. The narrow second skirt of the M-3725 did not leave room to wipe the inner skirt. Fred offered to make a special design, identical to the M-3725, but with a wider second skirt. Thus was born the “Kern Type” M-3721, shown here with its porcelain pin-base

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