David Brooks' Patent - July 26, 1870

7" high by 2" diameter (shank extends 5 1/2")

David Brooks' Patent

July 26, 1870

(Courtesy of Elton Gish collection; photograph by Elton Gish)

This is another Brooks Patent item of extreme rarity. The side screw specimen has only three known specimens, one of which is in the Smithsonian. Another surfaced about 1995 having been found in Northern Utah where it was supposedly used on an 1870 vintage telegraph line.

The piece has three patent dates (Nov 29 64, Aug 6 67, and July 26 70) embossed on the top. The 1870 patent was filed by W. H. Dechant on behalf of his improvement in securing the line wire by use of offset twisting "cramp hooks". The patent was later assigned to David Brooks and was used only in this style insulator and one other (the La Bastie insulator), the sole specimen of which cannot be located.

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Written Sunday, January 19, 1997; updated Tuesday, February 21, 2012