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CD 735.3 - Insulator of the Week on Fri, 18 Jan 2008


"Hat" or "Top Hat" style

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CD _735.3 U.S. Tel Co
CD _735.3 U.S. Tel Co

(f) U.S. Tel. Co (b) Chester/NY These are found in shades of light aqua, dark aqua and deep teal aqua. I've seen a few with amber streaks and swirls, some with uneven bases and light underpours, maybe a few small scattered bubbles, but that's about it for unusual character. Are there any out there that might be considered out of the ordinary? If so, let's hear about them and/or post those pics! (Note: The CD 735.3 is not to be confused with the similar CD 735 Chester/NY.)

The United States Telegraph Company installed these threadless hats on large sections of their San Francisco to Salt Lake City line in the mid 1860s (soon thereafter absorbed by Western Union) and I believe a good majority of CD 735.3s in collections today came from this line. Have there been others found elsewhere (other than Northern California, Nevada and Utah)? I have not heard that anyone has pinpointed the manufacturer of these insulators. The "Chester" embossing refers to a telegraph supply company out of New York. They were not a manufacturer of glass insulators.

These brief comments on the Insulator of the Week are not intended to be complete and are presented to encourage discussion and additional information from ICON. Now it's your turn to share info and/or post photos of your favorite CD 735.3s!




James Doty commented on Fri, 18 Jan 2008

United States Telegraph Company Organized 1862 In NY Incorp 3/25/1865 In NY Line path to most Major US cities on the East coast and Cental US. In 1865 a line was built from San Francisco to the Missouri River to connect with a line from NY to Montreal Canada. This Company is a union of U.S. Extension, Independent, Inland & Inland Extension with US Telegraph. Lines Leased by WU 2/27/1866 Bought By WU 4/1/1866 Telegram ( US Telegraph

Andrew Gibson commented on Fri, 18 Jan 2008

Not being a threadless collector, my immediate question was, what's the difference between the CD 735 and the 735.3? Luckily, ICON already had the answer!

CD 735 Mulford & Biddle and CD 735.3 Chester PicturePoster #174601451

Bill Meier commented on Fri, 18 Jan 2008

The dimensions in the back of the price guide back this up. The are similar in diameter, but the 735.3 is 3/8" taller than the 735. i.e. 3 3/4" vs 3 3/8" ...

Mike Tucker commented on Fri, 18 Jan 2008

In response to the insulator of the week, I'd like to submit some historical proof of time and usage of these insulators.

There were some specimens found smashed under a depot in Boone, IA.

The railroad running through Boone was known at that time as the Cedar Rapids and Missouri River RR (later on to become the Chicago and Northwestern). This was the first railroad line to link the east and west borders in Iowa.

According to a historical journal from Iowa, The Palimpsest 1962 vol. 43 page 551, it states that the railroad reached Boone in 1865.

This info links the insulator as far as when it was in service.

Dan Gauron commented on Sat, 19 Jan 2008

I'd sure like to see a post from anyone that's had the personal experience of finding a 735.3 and the general, even vague geographical area it came from. The one I have was very tough to come by and a real favorite. Though only 3/8" taller than the 735, it's overall appearance is much larger. Anyone have additional timeline/location info?? I've posted a comparison pic at PicturePoster #205324111

Jim Decker commented on Sat, 19 Jan 2008

I found two of them under a concrete walkway at a building being remodeled in Tracy, CA. These were found in August of 2005. Pics are posted in theICON Picture Poster Album at: PicturePoster #128900852.

Mike Martin commented on Sat, 19 Jan 2008

The Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railway electric line also operated through Boone, although it was built later. Eventually it became part of the Chicago & Northwestern and I think it is now mostly abandoned.

Mike Tucker commented on Sat, 19 Jan 2008

One of the subtle differences between these 2 insulators other than size and height if you study them closely can be seen in the base. If you look at the outer skirt of a 735 after the curve of the shoulder (below the wire groove) to the base, the insulator is straight up and down.

On a 735.3, the skirt area just above the base angles slightly inward.

It's one of the characteristics making this a unique piece!

Have any of you other collectors noticed this?

Michael Doyle commented on Sun, 20 Jan 2008

Those of us who have worked the Great Basin telegraph lines between Carson / Ft. Churchill and Salt Lake know the 735.3 VERY well.

Those who have "Worked" the Collins line know the 735 also.

As an aside to that taper skirt subject ---

The slight taper is not shown in the McD Guide. However all of the examples of the CD735.3 that I have seen have the slightest taper at the base.

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