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CD 226 - Insulator of the Week on Fri, 22 Feb 2008



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Embossing: No 115 These are found in aqua, dark aqua, teal green and green.

Strongly suspected to be a Brookfield product. This smaller power insulator has the rounded base with the mold line that travels over the base, typical of some Brookfield products. They have been found with foreign objects in the glass, such as rocks and wire, which is also typical of Brookfield glass.

I don't have any data on areas of usage. Hopefully someone can share such info with us?

These brief comments on the Insulator of the Week are not intended to be complete and are presented to encourage discussion and additional information from ICON. Now it's your turn to share info and/or post photos of your favorite CD 226 No 115.




Brian Riecker commented on Thu, 21 Feb 2008

Thanks to a pointer from Ross Baird, I found one of the two CD 226's that were installed on a house in Manhattan, KS after the house was torn down sometime back in 2001. Wish I had gotten a picture of them when the house was standing.

Colin Jung commented on Fri, 22 Feb 2008

Several years back I split the purchase of a collection with Dave Brown that was owned by a long retired San Jose, CA PG&E lineman. As I recall he collected only what he pulled down himself. I was surprised to see one CD 226 and two Pyrex carnival insulators, a CD 320 and a CD 235. We never see the carnival insulators in service in California as far as I know, so I ask him where he found these two. He said he found them on an abandoned radio station tower. Perhaps that is where the CD 226 came from as well.

Justin Martin commented on Fri, 22 Feb 2008

They have been found in Montana, they were used on the transmission substation telephone lines. They were used on the line from Willow Creek to Three Forks, Fromburg to Bridger, Harlowton to Lavina, Lavina to Billings, and Lavina to Roundup. The timeframe they were being used was 1920-1926. All the records I have refer to them as a brookfield 115. I believe Yuhas told me he acquired some from the Greatfalls area also, but I don't have records from there.

Bill Meier, Carlisle, MA commented on Fri, 22 Feb 2008

At 11:19 PM 02/21/2008, Dwayne Anthony wrote: For me at least, for some strange reason these links merged together and I couldn't see the first one...

These should work.

Dennis Stewart commented on Fri, 22 Feb 2008

A single green CD 226 was on the old C&O line that ran through the western suburbs of Cincinnati. It was on a 440 volt wire on the bottom of two crossarms. Never saw another one. The line was wrecked out in the 80's and I was able to get that 226. I couldn't tell from the ground that it had a disappointing slice off one ear but I still have it today. Like most all the other obscure Brookfield made power types, it is an exact copy of a porcelain style made by one or more manufacturers. It also has both extended inner skirts or flush outer skirt variations.

Dennis Stewart commented on Sun, 24 Feb 2008

A photo of the two variations of the CD 226 No. 115 has been posted in the Picture Poster Gallery under Collector's Album.

Claude Wambold commented on Thu, 28 Feb 2008

On the CD226 insulators, a group of them were found in a plant in Bethlehem, PA. Most if not all of them were Dark Green.

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