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General Information

Type: Supply House

Location: Chicago, IL

Manufacturer: Hemingray Glass Company

Production Dates: 1889-1890


CD 160 H.G.CO. with S.S.& CO. blotout
CD 160 H.G.CO. with S.S.& CO. blotout
Chicago city directories of 1889 and 1890 list Shay, Stephens & Co. at 134 VanBuren Avenue. H.J. Shay, Charles H. Stephens, and M.D. Stephens, all residing at 702 Warren Avenue, are listed as officers. There are no references to this company before or after these dates.

Only two styles of insulator are known with this embossing, CDs 160 and 162. An article in the Electrical Industries Volume 1 No 2, 1890 lists other styles, including at least one in porcelain, but no known examples of these exist.

These insulators are likely made by Hemingray. The embossing matches Hemingray embossing of the period, the colors are consistent, and shards of these insulators have been found in the Hemingray dump. Hemingray obviously had the mold for the CD 160 S.S.& CO since there is a CD 160 H.G.CO. with an S.S.& CO. blotout, as shown at right.


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