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U-274 - Insulator of the Week on Wed, 03 Sep 2008



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Embossing: The U-274 O.P. Co embossed style. The embossing (yes, truly embossed porcelain) is on the top of the upper wire ridge. The O.P. Co marking is for the Ohio Porcelain Company of East Liverpool, Ohio. The company was established circa 1897 and merged with other companies in about 1913 to form General Porcelain Co. The U-274 is shown here

- center insulator of the three. (this was the only photo that I could readily find on-line. If other collectors can add links to OP CO pics, please do)

Location found: Not known to me.

Colors: various shades of brown, and white.


My purpose of posting this is to see if someone recalls finding these in the wild. Where were these found/used? Why are they so scarce?

Jim Colburn




Jimmy Burns commented on Thu, 4 Sep 2008

Have you ever seen a 274 that wasn't chipped around the edge of the dome? My son, Christoper has two, a white and a brown that both have banged up rims. One theory is that the embossing on the rim made the OP inherently weak and subject to breakage. I have seen specimens that are cracked into at the embossing. It seemed to be the only insulator OP put their brand on and was probably for heavy telegraph which could have increased the damage factor.

Andrew Gibson commented on Thu, 4 Sep 2008

When it comes to porcelain, I'm fairly clueless. Does the U-274 come ONLY embossed as O.P.CO., or are there other variations from other companies? Is this shape from early in the existence of the company (i.e. nearer 1897), the end (i.e. closer to 1913), or throughout that time?

Jim Colburn commented on Thu, 4 Sep 2008

The the U-274 does come as a no name too. I think those are attributed to OP Co. As to the time frame for these pieces, I am not sure. I suspect a bit later in their company history. Neat pieces. Jim Colburn By the way, still no answer on where they were found in the wild.

Jimmy Burns commented on Fri, 5 Sep 2008

I can't point to a line of 274s but about a dozen of the brown came out of a flea market near Rogers Arkansas during 60-70s. Ozarks. The no name 274s are one of the earliest examples of a chocolate glazes and probably GP as they also consolidated Findlay also who had an early chocolate glaze.

Steven Kella commented on Fri, 5 Sep 2008

the U-274 O.P. Co. is a interesting style that I had the luck of getting three of these off a few poles in Muskegon, Michigan several years ago. These particular ones were of white glaze with the embossing above the top wire grove. they were on a 110 volt circuit on the main drag, had to have my lineman buddy get these down for me, after seeing this style he had retrieved two more but they were unembossed. these had a very sharp upper wire grove prone to chipping. I would bet that there are still some up in the back alleys as there are many, many that I just haven't had time to check out yet. I recall trying to sell these years ago but nobody really seemed to care about them and Jack Tod's book had listed these as quite a scarce item. anyway, that's how they were found in the wild".

Elton Gish commented on Sun, 7 Sep 2008

U-274 is specific to O.P.Co. No other company made this dry process style. There are a number of "unmarked" specimens; however, the embossed O. P. CO. marking was part of the mold, so all of the insulators are marked. The glaze was usually too thick to show the marking. Doubt many Ohio Porcelain Co. insulators were used outside the Ohio and surrounding states area.

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