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U 274 - Insulator of the Week on Wed, 03 Sep 2008



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Embossing: The U-274 O.P. Co embossed style. The embossing (yes, truly embossed porcelain) is on the top of the upper wire ridge. The O.P. Co marking is for the Ohio Porcelain Company of East Liverpool, Ohio. The company was established circa 1897 and merged with other companies in about 1913 to form General Porcelain Co. The U-274 is shown here

- center insulator of the three. (this was the only photo that I could readily find on-line. If other collectors can add links to OP CO pics, please do)

Location found: Not known to me.

Colors: various shades of brown, and white.


My purpose of posting this is to see if someone recalls finding these in the wild. Where were these found/used? Why are they so scarce?

Jim Colburn




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