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CD 726 - Insulator of the Week on Tue, 6 May 2008


Snow Cone

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Embossing: None.

Colors: Shades of aqua and blue aqua; gray; blues ranging from sky blue, cornflower blue and a stunning violet blue; blackglass in deep shades of green, olive green and olive amber; light to dark purple; deep puce and cranberry red!

PicturePoster #177701480

PicturePoster #98575917


The Canada Glass Co. of Hudson, Province of Quebec, is thought to be the manufacturer of the CD 726. They were a later threadless design that appeared in the mid to late 1860s and possibly into the early 1870s. The brilliant to deep shades of violet blue, purple, puce and cranberry red are incredible colors to behold. (Please add more information, especially locations found!)

These brief comments on the Insulator of the Week are not intended to be complete and are presented to encourage discussion and additional information from ICON. Now it's your turn to share info and/or post photos of your favorite CD 726!




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