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CD 256 - Insulator of the Week on Thu, 26 Jun 2008


Manhattan (as it is embossed)

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Embossings: Just Manhattan on front skirt; or (f) Manhattan (r) "Patented June 17 1890" (with or without quotation marks).

Colors: Shades of aqua, blue and many shades or green, from light green through olive green.


The Manhattans can be found with some variance in the skirt height and molding technique. One variant displays a mold line that travels over the base. An excellent discussion on Manhattans is found at the following link: [1]

Looking back at a 1971 issue of Crown Jewels of the Wire, I found the following information posted by the editor:

"Just heard that $975.00 cash has been paid for 1 mint aqua and 1 vnm lime green CD 256 Manhattans. This is not a rumor---it is a fact. What's the limit on skyjacking insulators? Don and I both still say, "An insulator is only worth what someone is willing to give for it."

Now that was some serious cash laid out in 1971 for two insulators that are now (2008) valued at less than $200 for the pair!

Anyone care to share where the Manhattans have been found in use?

These brief comments on the Insulator of the Week are not intended to be complete and are presented to encourage discussion and additional information from ICON. Now it's your turn to share info and/or post a photo of your CD 256!





Richard Case commented on Sun, 29 Jun 2008

The first Manhattan insulators were sold by Larry Veneziano in 1971..They came off of the CTA in Chicago I believe. ..A man in Colorado bought the first ones and Larry did not want to sell them at first as he did not get more until some days later, but you know how some want the first items and will pay anything. The next few days later Larry was offering them for 150.00 ..I think the buyer may or would have been a bit mad on jumping the gun. But they were the first ones and choice colors and condition...I remember you couldn't even get 40.00 for a Manhattan at one time as the market was so flooded with them...Funny there was estimated of tens of thousands of Mickeys from the Chicago Transit Authority, CTA also , three to a cross arm and 8 cross arms or more to a block. They still hold a value as they are a "ICON" in the hobby. My recollections.....

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