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CD 100.2



Patent Information



The very rare CD 100.2's are simply embossed "Surge".

Colors: Clear to off-clear.

These brief comments on the Insulator of the Week are not intended to be complete and are presented to encourage discussion and additional information from ICON. Now it's your turn to share info and/or post photos of your favorite CD 100.2 Surges!


Andrew Gibson commented on Thu, 27 Mar 2008

Jim White in the July 1973 CJOW shows off a CD 100.2 which was found in the Muncie Dump. It is fairly obvious that the 100.2 at least was made by Hemingray. [1]

Bob Stahr commented on Thu, 27 Mar 2008

Considering shards of both CD's of Surges were found at various times at known Hemingray dumping locations, I would say they were certainly produced at the Owens-Illinois Glass factory (formerly Hemingray). I suspect the letter from Babson mentioning Corning is just an error, maybe the author was thinking Owens-Corning instead of Owens-Illinois, or were plain guessing.

Bill Meier commented on Thu, 27 Mar 2008

I also meant to comment that I believe all the CD 100.2's have come from the Hemingray dump and to my knowledge, there is just a small handful of them in the hobby.

You will note the large embossing, sloped up at an angle... I have never seen embossing sloped before, so I have to believe it was intentional... But why? ... PicturePoster #211200252

If you notice a lot of Surge advertisements, the SURGE is also angled upwards... PicturePoster #151703326

Coincidence or intentional? ... I could believe it is intentional...

Any thoughts on that?

Jim White commented on Fri, 28 Mar 2008

I had one back in th eearly 70's and I found it at the dump. It was mint.

Bill Meier commented on Fri, 28 Mar 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words? PicturePoster #211297001

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