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Dwayne Anthony commented on December 26, 2007

A "Topic-master" would post a short intro on a different, randomly selected CD style each week. The chosen CD style would then be open for general discussion by all ICONers, with encouragement to contribute general comments, informational data, research, patent info, etc., plus post photos of favorites from your collection. Many CDs are listed with several manufacturers and may need to be divided into subgroups, whereas others are so similar that they can be combined. Not limiting the IOTW to just CD styles, we could even throw in a porcelain U or M number once in a while for our porcelain collectors, as well as an LRI style, radio strain, etc. Actually, many CD styles carry over into porcelain, so our porcelain collectors could contribute at such times, as well.

So, with considerable thought, I'll put my money where my mouth is and volunteer to give this a shot myself. If it is considered successful within the first few weeks we'll continue on with it indefinitely. I feel this will be a good opportunity for many of us to contribute information about our specialties, but more importantly, a good excuse to post photos of favorites from our collections (or from elsewhere with permission). I will not attempt to provide in depth information with each IOTW posting--that will be up to you. To lead the discussion, I will simply choose the insulator/CD style, provide a brief intro and possibly a photo or two.

I'll leave this open to your thoughts and comments before posting the first IOTW topic in the next day or two. I'll probably focus more on North American glass insulators at first. If this appears to be a successful endeavor, someone may consider becoming a topic-master for "Foreign Insulator of the Week", "Porcelain Insulator of the Week", etc.


Dwayne Anthony commented on March 15, 2008

When I compose the Insulator of the Week posts for ICON I try to grab a little info from other sources, plus sometimes add a little from personal knowledge and experience. With many of the CDs I could nearly turn my post into a book, if time permitted. However, the purpose of IOTW is to stimulate discussion and contribution from others. It is my intention to only provide a simple springboard of information on each topic that others can build on. I know Bill is intensely busy right now with the new server moving responsibilities, but he will soon provide a slick feature for referencing all past and future IOTW topics. It is important that you contribute anything you can to each topic. The more contributions, the more powerful each topic will become for future referencing. I know some of you feel public posts can occasionally lead to negative frustrations due to a very small number of detractors that exist among us, so you choose to remain as lurkers. I once held this attitude, but decided to put on thicker armor and press forward. Please, please don't let the actions of the few hinder the benefits than can come from sharing your knowledge with others! I have received several private replies to IOTW thus far with great information that I would have loved to have seen posted to the group.

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