Adamant Porcelain Company

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Type: USP
Markings: HOLD FAST
Dates of operation: 1907-1929
Location: East Liverpool, OH

According to Jack Tod's Electrical Porcelain book, the Adamant Porcelain Co. was organized in 1907 by J. C. McQuilken, W. J. Curry, W. A. and T. J. Andrews to make electrical porcelain. The plant was closed in 1913. The defunct company was purchased by Harry Peach and George Reid in 1915 and name was changed to T. V. Milligan Porcelain Co. and product sold under the "Adamant" name. However, the Adamant Porcelain Co. was listed as a new incorporation in The Mansfield News on May 8, 1915 (see article 7298) with George H. Reid as owner. The plant was destroyed by fire on February 7, 1918. The 1921 EMF Electrical Year Book said the company manufactured porcelain nail knobs.

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