Detailed Maps

Get off I-70 at exit 59. Either pin [1] from the West (at the bottom center of the map)  or pin [2] from the East (at the upper right corner of the map). Head North West on South Charleston Pike for about 1/4 mile depending on the direction you are coming from.


Stay in the left lane, and turn left into the Fair Grounds. The sign circled in green may say "MID-OHIO INSULATOR OHIO" if everyone has their act together. If not, it's still the place to turn ;-) The pickup truck may not be there when you are driving in, but if it is, please take an alternate route around it.


Here is an overview of the Fair Grounds. Tack [5] is the building where the show is.


You can pick out your parking spot, and head towards the building. Please note the locations of the utility poles and avoid them!

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