Behringer Crawford Museum
Covington, Kentucky

Behringer Crawford Museum - Covington, Kentucky

A thorough archeological excavation took place at the Hemingray dump in the 1980's. Research gained fills the two volumes on display and gives a clear picture of many of the items produced at the Covington, Kentucky plant. Show Host Bob Stahr was instrumental in securing examples of the shards dug of bottles, a glass pump cylinder patented January 7, 1862, fruit jars, syrup pitchers and oil lamps. An interesting point is that insulators with Patent May 2 1983 (with drip points) were dug at the plant suggesting that the plant was in operation longer than a previously presumed 1890 date. The Behringer Crawford Museum also shared a bottle mold dug at the plant site. The gratitude of those attending the National show is extended to Jeannine Kreinbrink, archeologist associate, and Laurie Risch, executive director, of the Behringer Crawford Museum.
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