"Akibasan Maru and Asakaza Maru"
Ron Howard, Portland, Oregon

"Akibasan Maru and Asakaza Maru" - Ron Howard, Portland, Oregon

* NIA First Place Foreign

A marvelous historic display showing a radio strain layout, flanked by the flag of Japan and a U.S. naval uniform. Featured were two radio strains, Ron's specialty, belonging to two Japanese freighters. The white clay unmarked radio strain was supposedly salvaged from the Akabasan Maru which was sunk January 30, 1944 in the lagoon of Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The glass string, embossed with Japanese characters, is believed to have come from the wreckage of the Asakaze Maru sunk in the Kwajalein lagoon by U.S. naval aircraft on December 5, 1943. Ron publishes Old Familiar Strains, a bimonthly newsletter for this specialty.

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