1996 N.I.A. Outstanding Service Award
Fred Padgett, Livermore, California

1996 N.I.A. Outstanding Service Award - Fred Padgett, Livermore, California

The presentation of 1996 N.I.A. Outstanding Service Award to Fred Padgett of Livermore, California was well deserved. Fred's quiet and unassuming presence in this hobby for many years has gained him the respect and admiration of hundreds of collectors. Through diligent research and many articles written for Rainbow Rider's Trading Post, Fred shared with the hobby the story of the production of the McLaughlin insulators.

As you read the description of the cover display, you were aware of the tremendous undertaking it was to have assembled the magnitude of such a marvelous display for the Long Beach crowd. Of course, it was done with the loving support of his wife Sue, niece Sarah Knouse and her husband Mike, and many friends that the work in constructing the display was accomplished. Fred was silently sitting at his sales table, serving as construction supervisor while recovering from abdominal surgery a week prior to the show!

His book, Dreams of Glass - The Story of William McLaughlin and His Glass Company, has been much heralded as one of the significant contributions to the 1996 library shelves of our hobby. Congratulations, Fred, on your most deserving award.

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