Enchantment Insulator Club

Enchantment Insulator Club

Show Report

September 26, 1998

By Steve Marks

Here's a quick report on the Enchantment Insulator Club's 11th Annual Show in Albuquerque: Great!!! (That quick enough for you?).

Seriously, Tom and Lynda Katonak and the members of the EIC once again put on a great show. This year I was dealing as well under the guise of The Desert Southwest Insulator Company, with my partner Steve Kelly. Sales were incredible! We sold somewhere between 100 and 110 insulators, 90% of which were in the $5 to $10 range. The walk-in traffic Saturday was steady from about 9 until 2. I'm proud to say that the Grand Canyon State Insulator Club turned out in mass to support the show! We had 12 members present and signed-up two new ones! Our 16 month old club now stands at 36 members! The show also had some nice displays. I particularly liked Tom's display of WGM's, Mike Gay's display on colored Diamond ponies, and Mark Becher and Marcia Will's display of insulators with corresponding colors in juicers. As usual there was plenty of good food to go around. The complimentary pizzas for the dealers on Friday night was very thoughtful.

Melanie and I were promoting the National and sold an additional 7 tables to EIC members. The National has now sold 63 of 111 tables (all insulators). Also, we signed on a few more displays. We have commitments for 16 of the 21 tables in the show hall! These are going to be high quality displays. Melanie and I are considering a talk with the hotel management to set up some in the lobby in front of the Grand Ballroom, should we need more room. We may also consider requesting an additional room for displays. I checked with the hotel's reservation staff this morning and they said that they have had numerous calls already and were enthusiastic about the show since people are calling in so early on. Already 44 room nights have been reserved! This is terrific news! Not just because of the amount of rooms booked, but because I have been in close contact with the hosts of the past four Nationals (Williamsburg, Chicago, Long Beach and Marlborough), Mark and Marcia, Bob and Rick, Dwayne, and Bill and Kevin have all told me that cooperation from the reservations department of the hotels was difficult. Not so at the DoubleTree! One 30 second call to the front desk and I received a break down on all reservations by day from the 22nd until the 27th! Apparently many of you are taking our advice and will be coming early and staying late to take in the beautiful sights of Arizona.

Melanie and I will be going to Tulare to promote the National in California. We're looking forward to meeting with our neighbors. Show packet requests have been steady. If you think the two of us were excited about the Scottsdale National when we saw many of you in Williamsburg, you should see us now!

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Written Thursday, October 8, 1998