NIA Eastern Regional Show, Kulpsville, PA

September 28-29, 1996

By Carol McDougald

It's Sunday evening and I have just arrived in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. I left Kulpsville (PA) and the eastern regional show shortly after two this afternoon, driving north to pick up a collection of insulators in New England. It was very busy two days at the show.

Perennial Kulpsville show hosts, Steve Bobb and Claude Wambold, "retired" from hosting two years ago in 1994. Collectors who had counted on this late September event thought that the show would die. 1995 found the national show being held in New England, and many thought the response would not be good for another show two months following the national. However, Jim Frustieri, was not going to let the show disappear from the "coming events" calendar. He scheduled and held a show in September last year. It was smaller than in previous years, but just like the "phoenix" the Kulpsville show has risen from the ashes.

Jim did a great job in hosting the Eastern regional this past weekend. The hall was filled to capacity except for several tables that were vacant due to illness (Webmaster Bill Meier) and a late change in one dealer's schedule. It is really exciting to have the 9:00 a.m. announcement made that "we are going to be opening the doors, please man your tables!" And the collectors entered, and entered, and entered. The paid attendance on Saturday was close to 300 people. That shows perseverance and dedication given to keeping the Kulpsville show alive! Thanks, Jim, for all your efforts.

Another change this year was to move the banquet to the local Methodist church. A family style dinner was served and the report this morning was that everyone really enjoyed themselves. Jim, a baker by profession, cooked up a special cake for the dessert!

One of the traditions of the Kulpsville show is that a lot of Canadian collectors can attend. Rob Lloyd (who usually sets the annual attendance record at more shows than any other Canadian collector) was there, along with Morgan David and Steve Goodell, Graham Catt and Jack Hayes. Graham brought a huge display of CD 121 Canadian tolls. He had a 6 foot by 5 foot backlit showcase he strapped to the top of his vehicle. His wife said that they almost didn't come, for the display case fell off the top of the car enroute. Fortunately, nothing on the case broke and Graham and family continued south across the border.

Tom and Alice Moulton and Jim Colburn were up from Florida representing the deep South portion of the region and the Central Florida Insulator Club. There was also good support from the ICON members, the Capital District Insulator Club, the Yankee Pole Cat Insulator Club, and the Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club. My mission, (which I chose to accept) on behalf of the Greater Chicago Insulator Club, was to sell tables for the national show being held in Chicago next July 25-27, 1997. I have two more shows in the next two weeks and the big London, Ohio show next month. Tables sales are going well and I strongly urge you to contact Rick Soller and Bob Stahr for your tables TODAY!

As usual there were some really interesting pieces that came to the show. A neat radio strain with an English marking from a nautical application; a memento from one collector's honeymoon (and this is not the typical souvenir ;-) ) -- a fuse switch marked Henley, Made in England from St. Lucia Island; a very unusual composition piece marked J.P.CO., HFD, CT Makers and J.M. Co. Sole Agent; a drop dead gorgeous CD 134.4 unembossed American in a medium honey amber; several blackglass Tillotson threadless really caused a stir; a beautiful CD 132.2 unembossed Paisley in a rich yellow green; a CD 164 Brookfield No. 38 in brown amber; and a CD 145 K.C.G.W.Co. in lemon-lime -- a color never before seen in any of insulators embossed this way.

Al and Ginny Way put together a quality display of CD 151's. Here I thought they were interested in only Hemingray/H.G.CO. signals and B.G.M. products. Wrong! And Steve Bobb shared the display he took to the national show of outstanding lightning rod insulators.

Sunday was a much slower day, which is pretty typical of the two day show format. Wish there was some way to strengthen attendance on the second day. No one has figured that out yet.

You missed a good show, if you weren't able to attend. Check out the current show calendar and map on the web and find a show near you. Treat yourself!

Carol McDougald, Editor
Crown Jewels of the Wire

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