The Merzoian Brothers' Second Annual Tailgater - Photos

The Three Amigos
The Three Amigos (from left)
 Show host Bob Merzoian, brother Neil Merzoian and show host Mark Merzoian.


Bill Heitkotter and Dave Elliott
Bill Heitkotter and Dave Elliott (host of the Mountain View, CA show)
kickin' back in the shade of the beechnut trees enjoyin' their lunch.


Jade Aqua EC&M
Neil Merzoian brought this ol' hunk'a glass that had been kickin' around in his basement for a couple of decades. This EC&M was so bubbly it looked jade aqua.


CD 120 CEW
Bill Rohde from Williams, CA showed up with a wonderful CD 120 CEW with its original hardware. The story was that Bill's aunt in Coulterville gave him the old insulator that she had had lyin' around her place for a while....


Ron Jenkins and Bill Heitkotter

In the foreground, from left, Ron Jenkins from Lancaster, CA and Bill Heitkotter discuss color and condition with Bob McLaughlin from Fresno. In the background Steve Marsh of Sacramento, Bill Rohde and his father, Don (Host of the Rohde ranch swap-meet near Fresno) check out the great porcelain on Glenn McAdam's table.


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