The Enumclaw Show!

A.K.A. The 2000 NIA Western Regional

By Mike "Polecat" Doyle

Boy Howdy! What an outstanding weekend!

I had the opportunity to meet Craig Johnson, Bill Ostrander, Nate Lamkey, Bill Reed, Dan Spanton, Jack Riesselman, Win Trueblood, Chuck Irwin, Ed Peters (what the HECK was HE doing there? Doesn't he have a National to throw? :C), Bill Winters, Elton Gish, and too many others to remember. Also I got to see Bernie Warren and Larrin Wanechek again. All of the regular NorCal suspects were there like Bill Rohde (Were there enough BILLs at this show????), Frank Feher, Bill Heitkotter, Paul & Kathy Greaves, etc.

Bill Ostrander, Nate Lamkey and I ate at the Powerhouse in Puyallup. Nate helped me find a cross-top for Brother Gus, and Bill O. traded me two pink Maydwells for a box of old CJs. (Gus - I got your huge light green spool from Bernie too! [it was like he read your mind.])

The combined LOCKE display was a total gas! I have never seen so much high value, high voltage, high impact mud! The Jefferson State Club combined mud display was pretty darn good too! Good Job Bill O. and Co.

Larrin brought his breathtaking Ridge Line (?) display, and there were more great displays that I'll never explain well enumf to mention.

Man, there was a LOT of power glass there too! I have never seen so many big Pyrex, tall stackers, wide umbrellas, Mershons, etc. Bernie Warren even had a VNM frog there. I saw a lot of cool western threadless and Frank Feher had some delectable EC&Ms. I saw a Pluto, bright cobalt 731 Tillotson, cobalt fluted Seiler's, tall dot-dash Wade, UPRR Mulford & Biddle, No Leak D, and on, and on, and on.

I was lucky enough to talk Dan Spanton out of a lighted display shelf for a great price. Thanks Dan! Dan also had an intriguing honest-to-goodness McLaughlin insulator crate there. It was chock full of upside down dome embossed citrine number nines. It was the kind of thing that would have given Fred Padgett goose pimples. (just kidding about the upside-down dome embossed citrine part...) They were emerald McLaughlin-9 I think, the tiny spaced drips version, may be flat even. I think some had MADE IN USA and some didn't. Anyway, It didn't take long for the whole box to find a home ($800), but not before a few pieces sold out of it.

I had a great time, talked to a bunch of great folks, found a great E14B, ate a great monster chili 'tater, and did a great deal of story tellin'.

What a show!

Well, before I close, I need to send a special Thank You to Bill and Arlene Heitkotter for graciously providing logistic support on this trip. They shuttled 13 insulators up there for me to sell and brought back probably 15 more.

A Western Regional to remember!


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