Steel Sculptures

by Frank Swies


a picture posted in the ICON Photo Gallery


What connects to what?


The Model

Steel Sculptures

I've always admired the "Steel Sculptures" that the high volt folks hang their suspensions from. James Mulvey posted several pictures of an interesting tower which inspired me to try something. Since I couldn't go out and get one "in the wild" I decided to make my own.

James made the understatement of the year when he said "The base is turned 45 degrees which centers two legs directly under the power lines and uses the other two legs, located to the outside of either side of the line, mainly to balance the tower. Lots of geometry going on in the center section."

The model actually stands about 12 inches high. The major support beams are made from bamboo kabob skewers. Minor support beams are made from the wooden handles from some q-tip swabs that I had. The stringers are made from broom bristles so you can get an idea of the scale of the tower. It's a great go-with conversation piece."