Searching for Railway Telegraph Insulators

by Keith Neal

92 pages, hard bound (1982)

This book contains 135 illustrations, most of them photographs of insulators and telegraph poles throughout Britain, taken by the author over the past 60+ years. The text gives the story of the author's insulator collecting, as well as much information concerning the insulators themselves. British insulators were almost exclusively porcelain and date back to the 1850's.

Railway and Other Rare Insulators

By Keith Neal

32 Pages, Hardbound (1987)

This book adds additional information and pictures of British insulators.

Searching for Railway Telegraph Insulators: $22.50 ppd. (US Only)
Railway and Other Rare Insulators: $15.00 ppd. (US Only)
Both books together: $35.00 ppd. (US Only)

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