Porcelain Insulators and How They Grew

Porcelain Insulators and How They Grew

by Brent Mills

227 pages, 6" x 9", hard bound (1970)

This book was written by Brent Mills who worked in the insulator industry from 1925 until the 1960's when he was the President and CEO of the Lapp insulator company. He provides a unique perspective on the insulator industry and how high voltage insulators were developed. There is much history in this book, including an entire chapter on Fred Locke.

Histories of numerous insulator manufacturers (Locke, Thomas, G.E., Lima, Ohio Brass, Pittsburg, Lapp, Jeffrey DeWitt, Pinco, Change and even Corning Pyrex!) are provided from an "insiders" perspective. There are numerous photographs of classic porcelain and vintage manufacturing. I highly recommend this book to any collector.

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