Tips & Tricks

Are you a master of the PicturePoster? Are you aware of all the information that is presented on the page you are viewing? Do you know the short cuts that are available? This example should tell you all of that (depending on your browser, it may look slightly different)

As you can see, there is lots of information. Here is a description of all the functions and information.

(A) This area shows you the album that the picture you are viewing is in.

(B) You can click this arrow, and you will get a list of all the albums. If you want to jump to one of them, just select it off this list.

(C) Clicking this will "go up" and return you to the album listing for the current album.

(D) Clicking this will show you the older (previous) picture.

(E) Clicking this will show you the newer (next) picture.

(F) Clicking this will show the posters full ICON profile.

(G) This indicates the poster is an NIA number. If you hover your mouse over this you will see the posters NIA number. You can not click this item.

(H) This is the email address of the poster. You can click it to send them email about this specific picture

(I) If you are the poster of the picture, the "edit" link will appear. You can click this to edit your pictures information.

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