California Glass Guidance: Crimes against Nature-the Chubby Baby Signal

By Colin Jung; posted September 14, 2004

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Some alterations are easier to detect than others. The centerpiece is a two-tone California CD 162 that suffered a noticeable meltdown after spending time in the oven. The base is about 3/16" wider than a normal Cal CD 162 pictured on the left, and it is noticeably shorter. The meltdown was so severe that both the outer and inner skirt bases were made completely flat. Both bases are hazy, not shiny, like you would find in an unaltered California. An unaltered CD 160 is pictured on the right, hence the local term "chubby baby signal" applied to the heat-altered signal. I don't know if the 2-toning was induced by the heating or not, but if it was a natural 2-tone, the heater took a $200 insulator and turned it into a $0 insulator. Another crime against nature!