First cobalt.

By Travis Taylor; posted September 14, 2004

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I feel very honored to own such a special piece like this. Especially in this condition. It looks as though it was never even used. It's in mint condition and even has nice milky swirls right in the front. I know most older collectors out there have bills and children to pay for and have been waiting for the chance to purchase a piece like this. I'm trying to buy as many insulators as I can before I have bills and what not to pay for myself. It took a whole paycheck from Domino's Pizza plus a little more. This has moved up to my top favorite insulator. I never thought any insulator could replace my Milky CD 257, but it has. It glows even after I turn the display case light off. It's probably the nicest color a Hemingray piece could come in. Hope you enjoy.