This McLaughlin Color has me puzzled

By Colin Jung; posted September 10, 2004

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What is the color? CD 162 (F)McLAUGHLIN (B) NO. (space) 19, thin dome, 1/4" high embossing, embossing style smooth(?) 39 closely spaced large round drip points. 9/11/04: Here are some of your answers: light sage green, sage green tint, sage grey, light green, celery sage green and green straw. Response: I am inclined to go with the green straw color. First of all I just noticed that the McL has a lot of light yellow tones that were not picked up by my camera. I have owned a green straw McL before and from memory the color is very much the same. See next photo that depicts the green straw color better [id=17979314]